– Bert & Sue F.

To all concerned; Garry McDonald helped us find and buy our current home. It took us some time to figure out what we needed so we looked at quite a few homes. Throughout all this, Garry continued to show us homes and narrow down our choices.  In the end we picked a house that ended up being negotiated down over S150,000 from the asking price and have been very happy with our choice. We never had any issues with Garry showing us anything and everything we asked for, on time. Throughout the experience we noticed several things. One thing that was amazing is the apparent lack of follow-up by a large number of agents representing homeowners. Whether it be not calling back to allow the showing to not showing up for the showing.  Garry was great at following up on the offers and in talking with the other agents about the value of the homes in the current market.

We highly recommend Garry to anyone who is either looking to buy or sell their house.

- Bert & Sue F.