Why Stratospheric Rent Increases Could Help Housing in 2015

While many homebuyers think home values are still too high, it’s not much greener on the other side of the property line. Because according to Zillow, renters paid $441 billion to lease their pads in 2014…that’s up nearly 5% from 2013. In fact…

• San Francisco made Zillow’s top 3 list of the largest 25 metro areas with the highest rent increase last year…posting a whopping 13.5% jump (or $163 per month) on average

• And San Jose residents might want to start house shopping after seeing their rent skyrocket an average of 14.4% (or $197 per month) in 2014

• These weren’t the only California metros to score large rent increases: Los Angeles banked a 5.3% jump, rent in Riverside increased 4.4%, and San Diego saw rent climb 6.1%

Don’t expect it to slow anytime soon. Because experts are predicting that in 2015 rent increases will outpace home value growth.

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