Why You Should Choose Me to Sell Your Home.


You can cancel the listing agreement at any time and for any reason. Most agents tie you down to a 6 months or longer contract. I don’t. I am so confident in my ability to get the job done; I offer a “risk removal guarantee” so if you are not happy with my services for any reason just cancel.


Real-estate listings that use photographs taken by the higher-end SLR cameras tend to do better than those that use photos from cheaper point-and-shoot cameras. Listings with nicer photos get more online attention, command a higher price and are more likely to sell. I automatically bring in a professional photographer for all my listings – which I pay for.


I will make your home more attractive to buyers by paying for a free home warranty for one year from the close of escrow. In addition, I will pay for a home warranty for you while your home is listed with me.


Research shows that over 80% of buyers use the internet extensively in their search for a new home. Having a professional website that showcases your property’s best features and is optimized for search engines so it draws the most amount of traffic is a very important tool in the current market. I do not charge for the website. This is just a small part of my service to you.


You and your home may never get a second chance to make a good first impression! I can help you prepare your home for sale. I will make sure that your home has every possible sales advantage so it can compete successfully against all the other homes for sale in your area.

To help you do that, I will work from a checklist of major items necessary to prepare your home for sale. I will give you a copy and carefully go over it with you step by step. This is just one way I know you’ll get the best offer with the most money and the quickest sale.


I can help you determine the best price. Surprising as it may seem, some homes are priced lower than they should be. Usually, however, homes are priced too high and don’t sell. Through proper research, I can help you select a price that is just right for your home. I do this by preparing a comparative market analysis which contains three important parts. The first part lists similar homes that have recently sold. The second part shows similar homes for sale now and the third part includes expired listings that are similar homes which did not sell.


I want to make your selling experience as easy and painless as possible. That is why I have put together a team of professionals so that I can offer you a “one stop shopping experience” for all the services you will need in order to sell your property. Obviously you are under no obligation to use my team but it is there if you want it.